//What is open source software?
open source software

What is open source software?

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Open source software mentions to a program or an app in which the source code is open and available to the public for modification, use and redistribution.

The source code is a part of the software that determines how the program works.The creators of open source programs make their source code available to anyone who wants to view, copy, alter or share the code.

We can download and install open source software onto our computer in the same way we would install proprietary software.

Open source software is similar with free software. Copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose for open source software.

Do we need a licence for open source software?

While most open source programs are free to download, we may need to license some of them to run them on our machines.

Open source licences are different from proprietary software licences. Most will generally allow us to:

  • modify the software to suit your needs
  • use portions of the code and apply them to other programs
  • distribute and duplicate copies freely
  • different licences may have different conditions attached

Why choose open source software for business?

The premise for open source is one of transparency, open exchange and cooperation. When programmers can openly read, redistribute and modify the source code for a piece of software, the view is that it will generally evolve into an improved, more reliable product. Read more about the advantages of open source software.

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