//WhatsApp will delete your account, if you belong to these groups.

WhatsApp will delete your account, if you belong to these groups.

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Why would WhatsApp delete your account? You have to read this, it contains necessary facts that needs to be taken care immediately. WhatsApp came in news for a variety of reasons recently and has been aggressive towards fresher updates from time to time.

It is found that WhatsApp is banning groups having doubtful or wicked sounding group names, due to current events that have reappeared themselves.

We have bring about more on this stuff but if you are a member of any group having doubtful names, it is recommended to instantly change it, if you do not desire to get your whole group barred by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Groups Barred for Involvement in Wicked Content

Technology has extended incredibly and the degree to which it is being used for both moral and immoral drives see no boundary.

As stated by WABetaInfo, there have been quite a few cases stated this year, in which WhatsApp Groups were flourished with nasty content linked to child sexual exploitation flowing on such groups.

Lately, a Reddit user named Mowe11 was disqualified by WhatsApp after his university group’s name was changed.

The whole group was disqualified by WhatsApp.

When the disqualified users tried getting to WhatsApp support, they were told that the prohibition was effected because they dishonored WhatsApp’s Terms of Services.

Just in case you aren’t taking it truly, a two-week inquiry led by the Cyber Peace Foundation found that WhatsApp groups continue to be used to circulate and share Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in India.

Maximum of these groups have group icons that are explicit and erotic and don’t just show adults but even youngsters in sexually open activity directly.

WhatsApp’s Privacy Drive: Block Individuals from adding you in Worthless Groups

Fortunate for you, WhatsApp has newly introduced a feature that allows users to control who can add them in a group.

Just like additional privacy settings on WhatsApp, users can now select individuals, either Everyone, My Contacts or My Contacts Except from adding them into WhatsApp groups. This will provide users more control above who can add them to groups, stopping them from receiving undesirable messages including viral info that can blowout through groups.

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