//How to Get Featured Snippets for your Posts?
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How to Get Featured Snippets for your Posts?

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Once you first started a website you may not have understood how tough it would be to grow traffic. Google’s search results page is a busy place with ads, carousels, knowledge panels, and featured snippets all functioning to shove results down the page.

Different than the rest, featured snippets are obtainable to any website with great content and structure, you can practice them to get above the rest and claim the top space in search results.

Let’s get into featured snippets and why you require them. We’ll share some strategies you can practice to catch featured snippet opportunities. Lastly, we’ll share the formatting rules that benefit Google to discover your answer and possibly, make it the best.

What are featured snippets?

A featured snippet is a fractional answer to a question succumbed through a Google search. It is limited in a container at the top of the search results page which is why it is revealed to as Search Result #0.

what is position zero on google

A featured snippet is every time a direct, easy to recognize, answer to a question. It has the URL, the page title, and a link to the page with the answer. These answers are drawn straight from pages by Google and you can’t mark your page as a featured snippet.

Why do you want featured snippets?

It might seem bizarre, but featured snippets don’t get all of the clicks in a search. They will, on the other hand, take some clicks from the #1 result.

Once they’re in the search result the #1 ranked website will see clicks reduction to 20.6% from 26% clicks. If you take that 6% from the #1 result then you start to appreciate other welfares that recover your rankings in Google.

If you’re previously #1 in search results, then you actually want to claim the snippet and protect your clicks. You can see that a blend of #1 with snippets means total power of the top half of the page to save 28% (vs 26%) of all clicks.

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When a page is well-enhanced it leads to a 516% increase in sessions after you obtain a snippet. You’ll also see CTR rise from 6% to 8%.

You will also have an chance to appear in “other searches” through the people also ask containers which use featured snippets for the answer 23% of the time.

Lastly, featured snippets and voice search are closely linked. Google uses the featured snippet answer to deliver results for voice search.

Types of featured snippets?

There are 4 types of snippet:

  • Paragraph

Comes in a text block at the top of the search results. Every one can take advantage of earning these featured snippets.

paragraph snippet
  • Video

A video from YouTube with the recommended clip is highlighted. This is a very decent chance for any person working with DIY, cooking, fashion, or beauty.

video snippet
  • List

A bullet or numbered list with the answers. As mentioned above, the list is great for DIY and cooking, but also for financial, music, films, sports, TV.

list snippet
  • Table

The answer is provided in a table of at least 2 columns. Great for sport teams, financial services, entertainment, health and many more.

table snippet
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