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What is Automation ?

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Automation is mechanism by which a process or procedure is accomplished with nominal human help. Automation is also called automatic control which is the use of different control systems for running materials with nominal or reduced human interference.

Automation covers applications ranging from a household to a large industrial control system. It has simple on-off control to multi-variable high-level algorithms area. Automation is the production of technology and its functions in order to control and look over the manufacture and delivery of different equipment and utilities.

Despite advances in automation, some manual interference is always considered.

It operate duties that were formerly operated by humans. Automation is being used in a number of sectors like: construction, transportation, facilities, service, defense, agencies and IT. Automation can be achieved in many forms in different business. For example, in the IT territory, a software script can test a software and produce a opinion.

There are different software tools available in the market which can generate code for an application. The users only need to configure the tool and define the process. In other business, automation is largely developing capacity, preserving time and decreasing costs.

Automation is evolving swiftly and business brilliance in applications is a new form of high-quality automation. In the IT territory, the impact of automation is developing expeditiously, both in the software/hardware and machine layer. However, despite advances in automation, some manual interference is always considered, even if the tool can perform most of the tasks.

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