//Why you should detect URLs with low text/HTML ratio?

Why you should detect URLs with low text/HTML ratio?

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The text/HTML ratio represents the percentage of actual text on the website.

There is no ideal Text/HTML ratio but if there are lots of unnecessary tabs, inline CSS, and comments in the webpage’s code but the actual content is thin ?, it will be difficult for a bot to crawl your pages.

Furthermore, the load time ⌛ of the page will increase.

How to find URLs with low text/HTML ratio and what to do with them ?

1. Go to Crawling Report – Content for the pie chart with the Text-HTML ratio on your website and the histogram with DFI for these pages.

2. Click on the charts and get to Data Table to the list of URLs with a specific Text-HTML ratio.

3. Download data in Excel (up to 50K pages) or CVS format.

4. Get rid of unnecessary tabs, inline CSS on problematic URLs. Rewrite the content with value for your target audience.

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