//What are Domain Rating, Domain Authority and Page Rank?
Domain Rating, Domain Authority and Page Rank

What are Domain Rating, Domain Authority and Page Rank?

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One of the well-known SEO metrics that- many people study when finding websites to guest post on is Domain Authority (DA). It is a factor used to analyze how well a site will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Domain Authority is ranked on a scale of 0-100. A new website will start with a DA of 0. A site like Hubspot, which gets around 4 million visitors a month, has a DA of 91. There is a parallel metrics called Domain Rating (DR). Like DA, the scoring is carried out from 0-100. Higher the score, better the website.

A page with a high Page Rank (PR) will give some of that faith to any websites that it links to. Various user calls this link juice.

DA, DR, and PR are useful to keep in awareness when piloting a link building campaign.

I recommend aiming sites with a DA or DR of 30+. There are various websites you can use to check the site’s DA for free. Apart from putting them here, I suggest you run a search for “DA checker” on Google.

How to view website traffic ?

While DA, DR, and PR offer a quick way to realize backlink quality, there are extra metrics that you should study, for example, website traffic.

The higher traffic a site gets, there are more chance that user will click on a backlink and visit your website. Google identifies this, and that’s why a backlink from a site with numerous traffic will naturally profit your website.

In philosophy, a website with a high DA or DR gets many traffic. However, this isn’t always the case. Some sites have a high DA but have very less traffic. For this reason, it’s worth examining the number of visitors site gets before you attempt to get a backlink from them.

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