//How can I get traffic on my blogging WordPress website?

How can I get traffic on my blogging WordPress website?

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Before thinking about the traffic you have to ensure about two major points. One is the quality content and the other one is the fast loading speed of your site.

Quality content refers to informative and helpful content that helps your reader to take action. It contains both texts, images, videos, quotes, etc that can make your blog post perfect.

Site loading speed is another important factor for both SERP ranking and visitors’ engagement. Your site post or page should be load in 3 seconds

Now come to the points:

There are different ways to get traffic for your website. they are:

I must not recommend the PAID campaign to the new bloggers. But the others are fruitful.

You can start with Social media marketing where you need to target anyone or more social media for branding your site links in an ethical way. Do not make Spamming there. I like to suggest you target any two or three (maximum) social media platforms that you like most and you have a good engagement there.

First, you have to build your own authority on those media and then go for your site link sharing on famous pages and groups. your can make your social media pages according to your site and invite your friends or followers on your pages. This must be a good source of your long term and recurring visitors.

Secondly, you can go for link building on different sites of your site nice or subject. and guest posting can be a source for this job. you need to search your competitor sites and ask permission for guest posting to the site admin. do not forget to check the PA, DA, and daily traffic amount of those sites before apply. Many sites can approve your guest posting for free with strictly following their terms and conditions. Few sites may ask you a little amount for guest posting. I do not suggest for paid guest posting to the newbie or low budget bloggers.

Comment posting is very similar to the guest posting job. The difference is, here you do not need to make any post but do a worthy comment to any trending post that complies with your blog post. Many blogs or forums approve your comments on the instant. A few good ranked forum or blog approve your comments after moderation.

Finally, I like to brief you shortly about the PAID campaign which needs good experience and strategy also along with money. Example Google AdWords, Bing advertising, Facebook marketing, and Quora.

NOTE: You should not start all these methods at a time. Cause doing this may take a longer time to bring effect and can de-motivate your campaign.

Rather you can start with anyone or two marketing methods and go to the next methods after success in the past one. Take time and build the authority of both you and your site so that people can trust you and your promoted links.

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