//What is Limited Memory based Artificial Intelligence Systems ?
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What is Limited Memory based Artificial Intelligence Systems ?

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The Limited Memory AI is mostly that type of Artificial Intelligence that is seen which is used widely in the work of automation that is say for example, self driving cars , self working robots etc. ,which are complete in themselves.

They work on the static data such as lane traffic ,traffic lights, how to behave with customers at the airport etc.

Limited memory AI is mostly used in self-driving cars. They will detect the movement of vehicles around them constantly. The static data such as lane marks, traffic lights and any curves in the road will be added to the AI machine.

This helps autonomous cars to avoid getting hit by a nearby vehicle. Nearly, it will take 100 seconds for an AI system to make considered decisions in self-driving.

These types of AI based machines can retain the various data for a very short period of time and hence implement it more effectively in order to automate the desired task which is to be performed respectively.

But,one thing to remember here is that,once the data or a set of instructions are set / programmed into them,they cannot change that behavior,because that behavior is fixed and hence they cannot new desires or emotions to their predefined set of library tools.

And hence, Limited Memory AI’s can be beneficial where one wants to perform a set of tasks with the help of automation and or / automated technology and hence a world powered by automation can be created successfully to enhance humans needs.

Also to increase the productivity of the humans as much as possible with the help of various Artificial Intelligence based software and products which are / will be available readily at present / or near future. (according to me,at least at present) and vice versa.

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